IF you dont think i Manage game servers think twice! <3 Helleye!

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Server 1

Server 1 will be offline For an undetermined amount of time. We’re have problems loading the Server profile. when this problem is resolved the server will be back online. Sorry for the inconvenience from helleye!

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New CG Server: Terraria.

WhiteList/Vip access only Yuor 1st donation of 5$ to CrackGaming will get you Access to The terraria Server. Contact Helleye! via Helleye4644@gmail.com to get your slot. or find me on Team speak 3. Cracked Copy of terraira, Can be obtained by special methods. we do prefer that you own the game World Settings. Size: Large more »

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Dedicated server

Thank you Chawdinky. Today the Dedicated server was Overhauled by Chaw. Everything has been wiped off of the Dedi and reinstalled. Fresh installs, fresh data files, All old used programs have been deleted. all unused game servers have been deleted. Unfortunately the Ark server data was wiped but with the Dedi being cleaned and the Ark more »

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Problems we are Having

Atm we are having major problems with are Servers 1: Ark memory leak that’s in the game its self, Nothing we can do until Developer’s patch it – this means random crash’s 2: players not being able to connect to Are Servers. this is major problem i am trying to fix it but 1st i more »

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Server 2,

Tonight Server 2 keeps spiking up into the 30 gb ram usage range and crashing, i’ve seen it happen when there’s no players online so that means Bronto’s and farming is not the reason for the problem. i will be test wiping the server 2 tonight to see if the problem is fixed that way. more »

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Ark Servers WIped ToNight

Ark servers have wiped tonight do to a Data corruption event. happened around 12:05 am 11/19 after an hour of trying to restore a backup file for the cluster group,  we wiped the servers Enjoy your fresh servers we hope to run another 2 months without wiping again

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This was a 1st!

Today The ghouls Tribe was perma banned from CrackGaming Reaons: Trying to Bribe Admins, Disrespecting Staff, Donation scaming, falsely reporting other players, being toxic Today i logged into to find out a few players were being trolls and pvping. so The ghouls tribe tired to Offer me Money to ban a few players.  Then I more »

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Server 1 is back online

Sorry for the hour of down time this morning. Alpha game cant always see problems like this comeing

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Donation Page Update Today!

Enjoy your time at Crackgaming

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