Hello and welcome to our donation page! To get started with a donation just click on one of the items you would like for one of the following servers then type in your login info and press the Donate Now button.


If you like what we’re doing here, and want to contribute we appreciate the help. Donations go to keeping the servers and community alive. We’re still coming up with ideas for donations, so these packs and their contents are subject to change and revision. And do not necessarily reflect all of the things offered in the future.


NOTE: Donations are Non Refundable Making a donation to the server does not grant immunity to the rules.

We provide a reward/gift to you for donating. We don’t have to provide this donation reward/gift because you are “DONATING” not buying something, but we choose to, to say thank you to you. Our servers run fully off of donations and we look to our community to keep us alive. Our staff here are volunteers and not employees. We don’t get paid to work here



All packages include VIP Rank and your own Private channel in team speak 3

1: Vip 5$ Dino package Access to | Change Your Dinos Color To a More Epic Color. – 5 Dinos. one time package per Donation.


Click a Dino and Scroll Down to the Color scheme and Regions,



2: BVip 10$ Scorched earth Resource package | 2 Safes |200 metal items, builders pack | 2k silk | 10k clay | 10k sulfer | 10k Preserving salt | 50 milk | 10 Death worm horns.


3: SVip 20$ Base Builders Package Access to | 2 Safes | 800 metal items, builders pack | 5K of each non SE resource| 1 fabricator|1 smithy|1 industrial Forge|1 generator

1k gasoline| 5 auto turrets.


4: Gvip 30$ Base Builders Package Access to | 2 Safes | 800 metal items, builders pack| Scorched earth Resource package | 8K of each non SE resource| 1 fabricator|1 smithy|1 industrial Forge|1 generator 2k gasoline| 10 auto turrets.


5: Elite Vip: 40$ Advanced base builders package| 2 Safes | Unlocks The Addon Options | 1200 metal items, builders pack| 10k of All Resources | includes Dino Package | Scorched earth Resources 5k of each | 1 fabricator|1 smithy|1 industrial Forge|1 generator 5k gasoline| 20 auto turrets



Add on packages are Added to the Evip when you Donate “i want Evip with Crafter and tools” that would total 60$

you can only have 1 of each addon per donation. you cant stack them

After your 1st Evip Donation you can come back and refill your Addons at any time for the $ amount listed. Defenders are Excluded

5$. 1: Auto Defenders – 30 auto turrets 500 ammo per turret. includes wires

5$. 2 Plant X Defenders – 100 large crop plots with seeds / full Fertilizer. includes pipes

5$. 2: Paint Shop – 100 of each paint color, 1 spray gun, 1 paint brush.

5$. 4: Extra Dino Colors – 10 more Dinos that can be Admin Colored.

10$. 5: Even More Dino Colors. 15 more dino colors, with Color Insurance Admins will repaint Dino’s if they Die 5 repaints.

5$. 6: Crafter – One of each crafting station in the game.

5$. 7: Tools – (1 Pick axe, 1 hatchet, 1 chainsaw, 1 sickle, Master craft blueprints) 10 GPS, 10 Compess.

5$. 8: SGC – 10 stargates, 10 teleport rings, 10 stargete remotes, 10 ZPMs, 10 metal foundtions and help.

5$. 9: Farmer – 100 of each seed in the game, 20 large crop lots 1k fertilizer, 100 green house building parts. includes pipes.

10$. 10: My Very own castle – 1 castle crafting station filled with 55k stone 55k wood 55k thatch 20k fiber 2k metal ore 1 Crystal.

10$. 11: Tamer – 20 of each kibble in the game even titanboa!!, 500 of each jerky. 1k prime 1k raw meet, 1k raw fish, 1k fish prime, 5k Narcotics, 10k of each berry,  500 advanced Tranquilizer rounds

5$. 12: Fishers – 1 MasterCraft Fishing Rod blueprint! – Fish up some BLUEPRINTS – Wamphyri

If you have an Idea for Something to Add to this Addon list i will Add it if its a good idea, Also if anyone ever Claims your Addon i will give you the Addon one time for the idea of it!

idea’s Cant be P2W!

Donate right to our NFOSERVERS.COM ACCOUNT


Also your More then welcome to just Donation without Claiming a package – CGvip 


NOTE: Each Package Is Limited To 20 Behemoth Gates


All Ark Donation Rewards can be reimbursed every wipe “BUT” limited 4 Wipes Per Reward. After the 4 wipes you will have to donate for more rewards to gain them again. Your rewards can only be claimed 3 days after a server wipes if you want your reward after a server wipes. If you Donate for a Reward we will get it to you ASAP, this new found donation will not be under the 3 days after wipe rule.

We’re striving to be creative with our donation perks, while maintaining as close to a non ‘Pay 2 Win’ platform as possible. Donations are not meant to make you a god on the server, they’re meant to be a contribution of faith in the server. Contributions go to making the server and community better. Please leave a note attached to your donations, if the option to do so is not available please add ChawDinky on steam. A donation to the server is purely voluntary and the player making a donation is not entitled to any form of benefits, advantages, special treatment, or the like from the CrackGaming Admins & Moderators. While a donating player is not entitled to receive any type of benefits by donating to the server, CrackGaming offers donor rewards as a way to say “thank you” to these players. Donations are Non Refundable Making a donation to the server does not grant immunity to the rules..