LOGO2Our desire is to keep rules at an absolute minimum. We like to see PvP play out and to leave as much as possible in the hands of the players. For this reason we do not have rules like some other communities do in regards to killing passive dinos etc. If a tribe offline raids and kills passives constantly, get together with alliances and stomp them if you can! Admins do not get involved in such things.

 The grand rule of CrackGaming
 0.0 Video evidence:
0.1 No Falsely accusing players of actions, especially with no evidence.
0.2 don’t report anything without Full recordings of the event
“Players who Falsely Claim actions about others will be temporary banned!!”
Screenshots only count for reporting stuff in chat “in game chat box”, not live events!!
Audio recordings of any kind will not be tolerated

1 Cheating:

1.1 Using hacks or exploiting game/map glitches will not be tolerated.

1.2 No Vac banned Accounts Allowed on CG without Admins approval

1.3 you will follow and accept all rules and conditions and terms of service of any game providers we host for.

playing on crackgaming is a privilege not a right!
2 Respect:

2 References to organizations associated with terrorism/racism, toxic or abusive behaviour, racism, bigotry, and spamming is/are not welcomed on this server.  This includes paintings and global/local/voice chat.  These rules extend to character, dino, tribe and alliance names.

3 Rules Specific to Stargates:

3.1 Stargates are not allowed to be used before, during, or after a raid UNLESS they are encompassed inside a player’s base (temp bases or empty bases are not considered bases and the admins will evaluate complaints case-by-case).

4 Griefing:

Griefing in any aspect will not be tolerated on the server and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Common examples of griefing are, but not limited to:

4.1 Placing foundation type structures that block penguin spawns, beacons, or loot crates.

4.2 Placing foundation type structures near other bases that prevent them from expanding.

4.3 Building foundation type structures around or surrounding another player/tribes base.

5 Raiding: 

5.1 Falsely accusing players of: Hacking, Cheating, exploiting, Griefing, Breaking rules, to Stop or slow down an  active Raid in any aspect will not be tolerated.

5.2 Geting admins involved in a Active Raid or Fight will not tolerated!

5.3 DO not start Drama with the Admins because your being Attacked by other players – this is a PVP network

5.4 we do not Allow the use of Platform Tanking of any the platform dino’s – must have the Belly and Sides Exposed to Turrets!

6 ORP:

6.1 Tribes and solo players are limited to 8 ORPs only.

7 Lost Stuff:

7.1 Admins will not replace items/dinos/materials due to lag, game glitches, griefing, bugs, disconnects, crashes, or mod issues, Server wipes.

8 Structures and tribe’s:

8.1 tribes will be limited to 10 players!

8.2 the tribe leader and tribe admins takes full responsibility for their tribes! – rule your tribes with iron fist or dont be the leader!

8.3 No Building inside of above ground Caves that hold loot crates/drops inside of them


All quetzs must have the Belly and Sides Exposed to Turrets!

9 Star gates

9.1 Stargates are PVE OBJECTS only you not allowed to use other tribes / players stargates unless  Given permission by the gates Owner

Breaking this rule will end in 12 hour ban, 2nd time 3 day ban, 3rd perma ban

9.2 Star gates are not be use for Raiding what so ever. Transporting Goods to and from a Raid Transporting Dinos to and from a raid is not Allowed. Walk or fly your raided goodies bag home.

Breaking this rule will end in a ban or tribe being deleted your choice


10 Jailing

you can not keep a player captive longer then 45 minutes, you must let them go after 45 minutes!

11 forge’s

Industrial forge’s are Limited to 5 Pre Tribe

Refining Forge limited to 10 Pre Tribe

Gas Forge limited to 10 Pre Tribe

Destroy Extra forge’s you have laying around.

Posted: 12-26-16 2:26 PM

This Rule take’s effect 12-28-16 at 12:01am US Central time


Thank you for reading the Rules of Crackgaming,

also if you see mistypes plz point them out to helleye he sucks at this! lol