WhiteList/Vip access only

Yuor 1st donation of 5$ to CrackGaming will get you Access to The terraria Server.

Contact Helleye! via Helleye4644@gmail.com to get your slot. or find me on Team speak 3.

Cracked Copy of terraira, Can be obtained by special methods. we do prefer that you own the game

World Settings.

Size: Large World

Difficulty: Expert

World Reset Schedule: every two weeks, Characters wont be lost.

Rules of engagement: PVE

Connection Info,


Port: 7777

PW: ————


1, No imported characters or Items.

2, No PVP, unless your dueling.

3, No Griefing player made Structures and pathways.

4, No stealing

5, No killing the “living wall” unless your in a group with most of the other players at lest 3-4 of the players. or less Helleye! gives you the go ahead

Event World Reset Extension, if the “living wall” is killed and world is set to Hardcore mode the next world reset will be skip’ed. Every boss kill after that will extend the Reset by 1 week.

Admin Gifts:

Admins will give Players buffs when Requested.



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