Atm we are having major problems with are Servers

1: Ark memory leak that’s in the game its self, Nothing we can do until Developer’s patch it – this means random crash’s

2: players not being able to connect to Are Servers. this is major problem i am trying to fix it but 1st i need to find out whats Causing the problem “yes a few players manage to connect but 90% of them can’t” i am doing my very best to resolve this problem. if anyone has heard of this problem before or knows how to fix it contact me on TS. i am doing it alone can use the help

3: Next problem is with the players them self’s. when you join TS and let us know a server has crashed. plz tell us what the crash msg says or what the kick/unable to msg is. joining are TS saying “server 1 SE crashed” then leaving is very very helpful and we thank you for it. but a bit more info can go along ways

What im doing atm to see if it helps. i’m removing the ACM mod to help fix the buffer problem

thanks everyone. ~Helleye!

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