Tonight Server 2 keeps spiking up into the 30 gb ram usage range and crashing, i’ve seen it happen when there’s no players online so that means Bronto’s and farming is not the reason for the problem. i will be test wiping the server 2 tonight to see if the problem is fixed that way. i am keeping a full backup file of the world and saved data. if the problem isn’t fixed by this wip then ill roll back to the save. Very sorry for the Down time and problems, Plz dont bug with wanting to know ETA’s etc. just trust me that im working on it!

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  • Xuan
    November 25, 2016 at 5:54 pm
    As much as I love the Stargate mod, I have noticed after certain updates, it can cause leaks. I run a private server for testing and noticed the problem. Thing is, I love Stargates so I just wait for next patch hoping the problem goes away. Which it usually does. On another note, I am guessing you guys have already weighed in on what mods you like but if there is room for one more.... "No Collision Structures" is great, especially for those pvp servers. I am guessing you already know of it but if not, then I will note that the structures still have collision but less of it. Allowing for tighter builds to walls, etc. Does not allow for hacky bases but more uniform builds. Anyway, good luck to ya. Had my own pub server once and got sick of the maintenance! lol

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